Local Money Lending

Merriweather is a small finance company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We aim to strengthen the local economy by providing loans to local businesses and individuals and by training aspiring money lenders. We do this with a personal touch.



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"Alex from Merriweather has been a great asset to the growth of our business and at all times has been friendly, professional and thorough."
–Maurice Wells, business borrow in Auckland and owner of Electric Bike Team

"Merriweather was integral to having the financial ground to stand on for a progressive start up company that now employs over 15 people."
–Jack Haldane-Willis, business borrower in Auckland and co-owner of Resilio Studio

"Alex from Merriweather provides an easy, friendly and personable service that is a great alternative to other lending providers."
–Ursula, personal borrower in Auckland

"Taking out a loan from Merriweather when we were in a financial pinch worked out really well for my partner and me. It was quick and easy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service to others."
–Brynley, personal borrower in Auckland